The brand for the people
who is wearing on it as T-shirts. 

Our brand / Swaan4rlberg has been set around the concept “Produce shoes as versatile as T-shirts”.
“shoes as versatile as T-shirts” has many meanings.

Everyone may have at least one T-shirt.
It is very casual, folksy and simple looking.
But there are not only casual T-shirts but also very special ones for the important dates, too.
Some people like over size T-shirts, some like just fitted ones, some like brand-new ones, and some like worn-out ones.

Producing shoes as casual and versatile as T-shirts is our (Swaan4rlberg staffs’) goal.



  • Ladies'
    The shoes will suit any fashion style such as pants, skirts, dresses and so on. Feminine style can be accentuated by the shoes as well.
    Thus, you will find your favorite style in our shoes.
  • Men's
    The shoes can be used in any seasons as the design is very simple.
    Moreover, it is very comfortable even without socks.


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