We launched our brand SWAAN4RLBERG
out of a desire to create footwear
that is “like T-shirts!”

By “like T-shirts,” we are expressing a broad range of feelings.
Everyone owns at least one T-shirt, right?
They are very casual, unpretentious, and simple in appearance.
People may have one that they wear around the house, and another special T-shirt for important dates.

Some people prefer oversized T-shirts and others dislike T-shirts unless they are perfectly fitted. Some people like the crisp feel of brand-new T-shirts and others like how they feel once they’re broken in.

It is our goal as the staff of SWAAN4RLBERG to create casual, unfettered footwear that is like T-shirts in these ways.



  • Ladies'
    These also accentuate feminine attire, including skirts and one-piece dresses, as well as of course casual slacks.
    This footwear broadens the range of matching outfits.
  • Men's
    Due to their simple design, this footwear is usable during any season.
    They are also comfortable to wear even without socks.


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