How can we express it making shoes like T-shirts.

We propose minimal design such as T-shirts with our main concept “Swaan4rlgerg / the brand for the people who wear it as versatile as T-shirts”.
Having good design and comfortability through analyzing the structure of shoes is LABO’s mission.
We are aiming Swaan4rlgerg for the design projected wearer’s originality.


We adopted the whole cut method as it has less joints.
The whole cut shoes are handmade by skilled staff one by one and they envelop your feet softly.
You can wear them on casually even without socks.
Lightness of the shoes is one of our advantages.
This 240g shoes prevent your legs from stressing, which makes you feel like you are wearing nothing on your feet.
We use corks for soles, therefore shoes are very casual and you can even put them on with barefoot.
There are many colors to suit your own style.
「Produce shoes as versatile as T-shirts」
Ultimately, shoes became simple shape and many colors after considerations of our concept.
Our shoes can go with jeans, shorts and even formal clothes if the color is suitable. So that you can enjoy choosing shoes depend on your style.


Professional staff members who have a lot of ideas are not afraid of making mistakes to keep challenging on new projects.

So, the shoes project skilled staff’s great ideas and this is why the original qualities appear on our shoes.
From this reason, shoes have some little differences depending on skilled staff who we order to as they have their original ideas. Of course, all of their techniques are guaranteed. Differences are caused by their specialties, habits, tastes and ideas. And we think that as “Interesting”.

When we produce our shoes, we value each professionals’ ideas, then talk together and keep trial-and-error. Therefore, our shoes have own originalities.
This is the one and only created by diversity.
And we think those are attractive and no one can copy.


We produce one by one carefully with luxurious Japanese leather.
So that you will like “smoothness” “uniformity” “softness” of our shoes.
Moreover, you can realize how skilled staff committed to the fabulous design.
We hope that our shoes will bring you the best memories.

We use carefully selected genuine leathers.
The materials made by Japanese tanner are light, thin and stretch well. It accomplished good fit feeling.
Corked soles are very comfortable for your feet.
Both are comfortable enough to wear with socks or barefoot and this is one of our best advantages.
We use corked insoles so shoes do not get musty, therefore the touch is smooth.
In-depth discussion with Japanese shoemaker accomplished our originalities appear into the details of shoes.
All the processes form designing to production are conducted in Japan.
Skilled Japanese shoemaker produces one by one carefully after in-depth discussions with staff who involved in all the processes from designing to sales.





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